Another date to put in your calendars! On Saturday 1 September 2018, the home of the history of football is once again taking part in Zurich's Long Night of the Museums. From 7 pm – 2 am, the FIFA World Football Museum will be opening its doors to everyone taking part in this much-loved cultural event in Switzerland’s largest city.

Alongside the walkway through the permanent exhibition, there will be a series of one-hour special tours in German and English. The evening will also have a football-related short film festival in the Living Room of the FIFA World Football Museum, in conjunction with the 11th International Football Film Festival in Berlin.

Entry is via the Long Night wristband. For more information, please consult the official website of Zurich's Long Night of the Museums.

The Sportsbar 1904 right next to the main entrance of the FIFA World Football Museum will be open for hot and cold drinks from 7 pm – 2 am.

Special guided tours

8 pm: Legends of FIFA World Cup History (in German)
9 pm: Legends of FIFA World Cup History (in English)
10 pm: Legends of FIFA World Cup History (in German)
11 pm: Legends of FIFA World Cup History (in English)

Football short film festival

7.30: Balbezit
Director: Willemiek Kluijfhout, NL 2007, (virtually) no dialogue
An amateur football match comes to an end and all of the players head off to the club house. All except Willem who needs to get his ball back. And it’s stuck in a pond...

8.30 pm: Border Patrol
Director: Peter Baumann, DEU/UK 2013, original version
Policemen Carl and Franz are enjoying an evening off and watching the match against Austria when they make a discovery that forces them to change their plans.

9.30 pm: Sur la touche
Director: Hortense Gélinet, F 2014, original version with subtitles
Samir is a fan of PSG and his girlfriend Anna is beginning to get a little tired of his obsession. This all changes when one day, she finally relents and accompanies him to watch a match.

10.30 pm: Libre Directo
Director: Bernabé Rico, ESP 2011, original version with subtitles
60-year-old Adela has a chance to win 300,000 euros and leave her old life – and a love whose fire went out long ago – behind her. All that she has to do is score a goal into an empty net from the half-way line during the half-time break in a Spanish league match...

11.30 pm: A Copa dos Refugiados
Director: Luciano Perez Fernandez, Brazil 2017, original version with subtitles
At a football tournament for refugees in Sao Paolo, people from all around the world come together and tell stories of their lives in the sprawling Brazilian metropolis.

12.30 am: Redemption Song
Director: Kenan Harris-Holley, USA 2016, original version
When the Howard University football team become the first ever "black" college to win a title in 1971, their success is refused on spurious grounds. Three years later, they find themselves in the final once more.