The Lab is an interactive learning space with hands-on activities for walk-in visitors and thematic workshops for school groups. Our programmes include educational material for students at primary to upper secondary level, and is flexible to suit your individual needs. We also host a variety of informative events such as seminars, guest speakers and panel discussions.

Combining fun and learning, The Lab offers a selection of easy-to-understand stations that allow people of all ages to further engage with the museum’s content. We champion a safe and inclusive environment for all visitors, and a thoroughly hands-on approach that allows guests to think, experiment and create – but mostly to enjoy themselves. Whenever possible, The Lab is a supervised area and staff will be on hand to assist and support you with your needs. However, supervision is not required and we encourage visitors to use the space at their leisure. Although most of our activities are aimed at the younger members of the family, parents are encouraged to participate, interact and experience the vast world of football together with their children.

The following stations will be on offer from the museum’s opening onwards.

My Wish

My Wish | ©FIFA Museum
My Wish is all about the hopes and dreams of football fans everywhere. Ever wanted to play for your country? Maybe you want to see your local team win the Champions League? Or perhaps you’re interested in seeing more women’s football on TV? Whatever you would like for, from or with football, there’s a place for it on our wall of wishes. So have a think, be creative, write it down, and become part of the museum. Guests can also leave feedback from their visit to the museum at this station. 

- Age: 7+

- Duration: as long as you need!

My Ball

My Ball | ©FIFA Museum
The museum’s Galaxy of Footballs exhibit is proof that, as long as you have the right attitude, you can use nearly anything to make a ball. Similarly, My Ball lets guests create their own footballs using a variety of slightly unusual materials. The ball can be created in two different ways (varying in difficulty) and, after finishing, you can compete against other guests by attempting to do as many keepie-uppies as possible – using your own ball of course. After three attempts, your highest score will be noted and compared to that of the other visitors. Can you make it to the High Score list?

- Age: 6+

- Duration: approx. 15 minutes

My Goal

My Goal | ©FIFA Museum
Retell the story of the greatest goal you have ever scored in comic book style with My Goal. Inspired by the comic section of the museum and The Lab’s Kids Trail, this station lets your artistic side run free. Guests of all ages can use blank comic strip panels and templates to creatively revisit their glory days. All works of art can be taken home to be shown off.

- Age: 6+

- Duration: as long as you need!

My Book

My Book | ©FIFA Museum
Bring the museum library to life with our small but carefully selected range of books on football and its many related topics. Whether you want funny or factual, the My Book station is the ideal place to sit back, relax and get lost in a good read.

- Best for: 12+

- Duration: depends on the book!

About FIFA

About FIFA | ©FIFA Museum
Information is key, and to make sure our guests have access to details on the work of FIFA, The Lab has a set of tablets filled with different animated clips outlining its structure and programmes in an easy-to-digest format. If you’re feeling clever, or like you have absorbed the information as best you can, why not test yourself with our quiz? It draws on the knowledge that you, hopefully, will gain during your visit!

- Best for: 12+

- Duration: approx. 10 minutes

Exercise of the Week

Exercise of the Week | ©FIFA Museum
A small section of The Lab is reserved to show what types of coordination abilities professional football players train to succeed at the highest level. Do it like the pros and test your balance, strength, endurance, flexibility, and hand-eye coordination with a different coordination skill each week.

- Best for: 6+

- Duration: approx. 5 minutes